How User Experience (UX) Matters your Business?

Before knowing “How User Experience (UX) Matters your Business? “, we should know what actually a User Experience (UX) is.

User experience (UX) is the art of planning a website’s design so that interactions will be as positive as possible. This includes user’s interaction with an attitude toward a given IT system or services, including the interface, graphics and design. IT leaders concerned with UX ask questions to determine what their users need and compare those findings to their system’s current abilities and limitations. Hence, UX is nothing but that driving force behind all of the convenient features offered to the customers.

So now that we know what the User Experience(UX) is, why should we care?

Keeping it simple for users is a good thing both for them and your business. Consumers will use your website and keep coming back if they know it is functional as well as easy to use. A good UX design will lead to happy customers, fulfilled actions and repeated business. From a user perspective, tools that are easy to use lead to increased productivity.

With good UX, your business benefits from having:

-Increased sales and productivity
-Reduced maintenance costs and development time
-Greater customer satisfaction

How User Experience (UX) Matters your Business?

1. First Impression is the Last Impression:

The very first impression that a user feels after visiting your website matters the most. The first 10 seconds of a page visit is very critical. Users generally make a decision to stay or leave a website within three seconds. If stayed longer, the next seven seconds will determine whether a user identifies your page as good or bad. The goal of every professional web design should be to communicate your value to the user within 10 seconds. If you don’t, you risk losing a customer forever.

2. Mobile Phone Matters:

In a research, it has been found that most of the total website traffic comes from mobile devices. Companies with a professional web design tailored for mobile will surely have improved sales. Hence, An unforgettable mobile user experience can increase your sales.

3. A Positive UX experience matters the most:

A positive user experience increases the likelihood of a positive word-of-mouth endorsement being shared. A customer having a good experience is likely to share about it with others. This leads to sales increment as well as Branding of your company.

4. Increased Sales Reports:

UX does increase sales – if done effectively. 

Most of the companies trust that user experience is important in improving their conversions and sales.

Amazon increases their sales by 29% by adding product recommendations to already browsed items. This experience-enhancing feature was the defining aspect of the business we know and respect today. According to some analysts, thanks to this UX-born feature, Amazon’s conversion rate increased up to 60%. That’s mind-boggling.

5. Increased Productivity:

Suppose you optimize UX for a task that once took 5 minutes to 2.5 minutes, and as a result, you have increased productivity by 100%. If you have 100 customer service representatives performing the same task 5 times a day, it will reduce their productivity by 25 minutes. 25 minutes times 100 people equal 2,500 minutes of reduced productivity daily. Cutting tasks in half could save a company 1,250 hours of potential productivity daily.

Therefore, now you know “How User Experience (UX) Matters your Business?”

Final Verdict:

User Experience is an area that is slowly encroaching on all business aspects. The gist of it is to make everything as pleasant for the user or client as possible. It is done on the basis of the assumption that high satisfaction results in high sales – and rightfully so! Optimizing a website on your own can be difficult – that is why UX designers are finding their places in many companies around the globe.

Are you ready to improve your User Experience(UX)?

Peergrowth would love to help you craft a great user experience for your customers. We know that every product and user is unique, and we dedicate time to deliver yours in creative ways that are convenient for your customers! Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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